Our Values

In order to supply our clients with an unbiased evaluation of potential vendors and to assure vendors that they are being treated fairly while protecting their proprietary information, all employees and associates of Procurement Management Group must maintain a high level of professionalism and adhere to our code of ethics.

  • We believe that our role gives us a unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to organizations that are operating in challenging times. Our effectiveness is based on the trust developed between ourselves and our clients. Therefore, we clearly define our values – and seek to live by them.
  • We are paid exclusively by client fees.
  • We will not accept any commissions, gifts or other forms of remuneration from any vendors that we may contact.
  • Any information we receive is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than our fee-paying clients. Quotations, drawings or any other written materials received from prospective vendors will not be copied or divulged to other vendors beyond what is required to make proper comparisons and evaluations.
  • Confidential searches are strictly for legitimate clients looking to purchase equipment for their own use. We will not be hired by a manufacturer or their representatives to gather information from their competitors.

These are the values that we maintain in dealing with every client and vendor. We are committed to treating people fairly and in a professional manner.