Who We Work With

While equipment sales teams can be very informative about their products, they are paid to sell equipment at pricing and terms that are in their favour. When you are considering spending potentially millions of dollars on an equipment purchase, you want to get an unbiased, independent evaluation of the capabilities of the equipment, the trustworthiness of the vendor and the overall viability of the project.

We can assist virtually any manufacturer with unbiased guidance through the equipment procurement process.

• Start-ups: Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who is just starting a manufacturing plant or you are from a university and you plan to commercialize a new product. Maybe you have worked for someone else and now you want to do it yourself. If you are in start-up mode, you have got your hands full just getting your business running and you do not have the time or experience to look for equipment. We can take a load off of your shoulders so you can concentrate on what’s most important: getting your business established.

• Small or medium enterprise: You have been in business for some time, you are looking to grow or improve your capabilities, but you don’t have the people or the time for an extensive equipment procurement project. We are there when you need assistance or expertise which you don’t have in-house. Whether it’s for a one-time project or on an on-going basis, we’re there when you need us.

• Established companies: You’ve right-sized, down-sized, economized, rationalized and synergized. You have even re-engineered your paradigms. Now everyone is doing their job plus a couple of others and you have no one available for a major equipment acquisition project. We give you that extra expertise just when you need it, without adding headcount.

• Confidential Search: You’re looking to add a new product, expand your facilities or automate a line, but you know you will tip off your competitors if you go looking for machinery yourself. You know that if you want the world to know a secret, tell it to a machinery salesman! We can do a confidential search so no one finds out about your plans before you want them to.

• International Clients: You’re thinking about buying machinery or starting an operation in North America, but you don’t have any local contacts who are knowledgeable in machinery. We can act on your behalf to make sure you get the equipment that you specify.

Regardless of your company size or industry, we ensure that you get the equipment you really need, not what someone wants to sell to you!