Why Procurement Management Group

Purchasing and installing capital equipment is a major expense. A single processing line can quickly add up to millions of dollars, and any errors in specifying or purchasing equipment can have a significant impact. Yet the purchasing process is often a very time consuming and lengthy process, potentially involving research and development work, lab trials, custom engineering, contract negotiation and then project management, installation and acceptance trials.

Without adequate time or knowledge to investigate each quote and supplier in detail, buyers often make a decision based on the lowest price, which is seldom the best differentiator for a complex project.

At Procurement Management Group our President, John Balodis, has over 20 years experience working for machinery manufacturers. He has sold complex projects worth up to several million dollars in value to clients in a wide range of industries, including flexible and rigid packaging, plastics processing, automation, food processing and many more. In addition to his expertise, the company also has a network of consultants who can be brought in to add their skills as demand dictates.

We believe that machinery buyers are often at a disadvantage compared to sellers. Since they only purchase equipment on an occasional basis, buyers do not develop the expertise to properly evaluate and compare the many vendors and equipment options available. And they are often ill-equipped to handle frequently contradictory claims made by competing equipment vendors.

Having worked for machinery manufacturers, we are familiar with all the factors that really differentiate suppliers. We ask the tough questions and consider all the factors that can influence the success of the project.