By making an apples to apples comparison, you can wind up buying a lemon!

In his book The Prime Solution, respected author Jeff Thull describes a poll of over 400 complex solution providers who were asked if they thought their customers were capable of evaluating their problems and the technologies and solutions they were being offered by vendors. An overwhelming majority of 78% said NO!

As a manufacturer, buying equipment for your plant is one of the biggest and riskiest investments that you have to make. Does your company have the resources to fully evaluate a major equipment purchase?

Your purchasing systems can actually work against you in a complex, high value, capital equipment project. With a major equipment procurement project, it’s not enough to just look at the price or the nuts and bolts of technology. An apples to apples comparison can devalue the unique features that the best vendors offer, leaving you with high operating costs, sub-standard technology and no after-sales training and support.

According to a PMMI report, it is common for equipment to be operating at only 70% of potential productivity a year after acceptance, do you have the in-house knowledge to get the full return on your equipment investment?

Purchasing machinery is a complex process that requires specialized, cross-functional expertise. How does a manufacturer acquire the skills and knowledge to make an informed procurement decision?

The Solution

The Procurement Management Group provides an outsourced procurement management service specializing in capital equipment, machinery and control systems for international manufacturing clients.

With decades of experience in the equipment manufacturing sector, we have inside knowledge of the equipment purchasing process and the many factors involved in finding and obtaining the best solution for your business. By properly managing your procurement process, we ensure that you get the equipment you really need, not what someone wants to sell you!